pretty bowl with the mustard greens in it

How to cook mustard greens in Indian style

Mustard greens are available in North India during the Indian winters. Lush fields with these seasonal vegetable dot the landscape and everyone starts dreaming of the traditional ‘sarson da saag‘. Indeed, it is the must-have dish in north india during winters. If you are ever in this region after November, […]


Paneer Bhurji

Paneer bhurji is the easiest way to get a delicious side dish ready in minutes. Do you know that bhurji is a term in Hindi, that denotes “scrambled”. So “anda bhurji means scrambled eggs. Do you also get this happy feeling of delight when you hear this term? In addition, […]


Shahi Paneer in Kitchen Rings Style!

Shahi Paneer is a beloved vegetarian side dish. “Shahi” means “royal”. What a crown this side dish has among dishes! This royal dish is a deep red gravy with Paneer. It is the latest in my arsenal of paneer dishes. I enjoy making paneer at home, click this link if […]

Close up of chicken cutlets

Chicken Cutlets | Tasty Patty for Burgers

Chicken cutlets are a family favourite. Serve them any time… you will always have takers. Chicken cutlets with rice, rasam and papad is my ultimate comfort food! Use them in burgers. Or with pulao. Or serve them as a starter in a party! As a snack after exercise! It’s just […]


Healthy Chicken and Vegetables

Healthy chicken and vegetables is a welcome addition to any meal. It pairs up wonderfully with all kinds of breads and rice dishes as well. All of us are leading busy lives and often skimp on the exercise. In such a case, it is so important to have meals that […]

VEgetable semiya in a black bowl

Vegetable Semia (Vermicelli) Upma

Vegetable Semia Upma is an easy breakfast that looks and tastes amazing. Very nutritious, it is also a great tiffin box idea. Semia or Semiya is nothing but vermicelli and it is a way of replacing the rava or semolina in the traditional upma recipe. Growing up, I recall not […]


Paneer and Peas Pulao with Leftover Rice

Paneer and Peas Pulao is sure to find it’s place in your bookmarked recipes. All the stuff that is usually lying around in the fridge can be used to make this in a jiffy. The best part is that no one will even come to know that it is made […]

Cute cupcakes

Cherry Cake with Ragi, Whole wheat and Pumpkin

Cherry Cake made with whole wheat flour and finger millets! As I had a lot of cherries to play with, I got into a “enjoy them” phase! So I had cherries fresh off the stalk. I made cherry compote. I made this awesome and rustic cherry frangipane. And being a […]

Cherry Compote

Cherry Compote

It’s a batch of cherry compote to the rescue when you want to preserve the fruit for times when they are no longer available. What a gorgeous show nature puts on for us… every season is special. In Delhi, the dry heat of May changes to the wet and annoying […]