A copper bowl with the green chutney, garnished with a chilli and coriander leaf

Green Chutney

Green Chutney is a welcome addition to almost all meals. It also complements all fried foods, Indian chaat and tandoori preparations. The heat of the chilli in this recipe goes well with the sweet and tangy flavour of the dates chutney. You will often find them side-by-side in various Indian […]

The bottle of the vinaigrette is places on the table with its ingredients around it.

My Vinaigrette (Salad Dressing)

My Vinaigrette is a salad dressing that I fall back on whenever I need to impress. It has been moulded to my liking, and does not strictly follow the rules of a classic vinaigrette. A bottle of this wonder adorns my fridge door permanently, so that I can toss up […]

A spoonful of the pasta sauce is being taken out of the box.

Pasta/Pizza Sauce

I’m sharing my favourite flavour-rich pasta sauce today. This Pasta/Pizza Sauce is my go-to solution if I have less time in the mornings, or if unexpected guests pop up. When this sauce is there in the fridge, I just have to fry a few slices of vegetables while I cook […]

Ginger garlic paste is stored in a bottle

Ginger-Garlic Paste

Ginger-garlic paste is the most important paste in my fridge. It is an important part of all non-vegetarian cooking, and almost every gravy recipe I make requires this. If you want to make food tasty in less amount of time, the ingredients you use have to be of the top […]

Homemade Paneer cut up after setting

How to Make Paneer at Home

Paneer is now a common ingredient all over the world. I do buy packs of it from stores. In places I am confident, I also get it “loose” from large, creamy white blocks. But I still find it sooo satisfying to make it at home. Besides, when I was pregnant, […]