Part 2: List of Appliances you Need in the Home Kitchen

This list of appliances in the kitchen has been put together for people wondering what would be the required in the kitchen, especially when shifting into a new home. It will be updated with newer gadgets that appear from time to time in the Indian market. So having already seen […]

Holding up a frame made with fingers to imagine the kitchen plan

How to Set up Your Home Kitchen

If you want the basics of ‘How to Set up Your Home Kitchen’, look no further! A kitchen set-up from scratch can be daunting. After all, it is supposed to work with you every time you go in it. When purchasing a house, my tip is to look at the […]

A set of drawers for versatility in the storage spaces in the Indian Kitchen

Part I–Indian Kitchen Planning and Designing

The Indian Kitchen needs planning and designing so that you have a good time in it. Of course, this is true for every kitchen in the world! But the average Indian meal of 3 to 4 items becomes easier if this step is done well. Every kitchen is different, and […]

Old things from the kitchen like bottles, plastic foil coated covers, egg trays etc can be reused or recycled

Environment-friendly Kitchen Practices: Part III

They say old is gold. Is it true? Not for all things in the kitchen, but some of them can surely be put to the 3 R principle. After the first two posts in the series commemorating the Earth Day, and pledging the support from responsible kitchens on How to […]

Waste material from the kitchen waiting to be recycled and re-used

Environment-friendly Kitchen Practices: Part II

Earth Day can be meaningful only when we add sustainable ways to a year round project. Personally, I have taken to adding small ways of doing this to my kitchen routine.  It gives me much satisfaction, though I would like to contribute more to our planet. Welcome to the second […]

A busy scene with wife on the computer, eating cereal while talking to her daughter, a toddler at her feet, and the husband talking on the phone as he is mixing something in a bowl

Kitchen Tips for Busy People

Over the years of cooking at home, I have developed short cuts and kitchen tips to save time and effort while cooking. It has helped to bring homemade dishes to the table even in the busy times! 😊 I would like these kitchen tips to help you too! Hacks to […]

Digital art showing a lady collecting the washed clothes from the line, vaguely wondering why she can smell something burning, while the smoke is coming from her kitchen

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Kitchen

Bloopers in the kitchen? Kitchen mistakes? Who, me? Who am I kidding? The number of times I’ve had a moment worthy of a blooper reel is embarrassing! Well, read on, because I am putting them all down, so that you can avoid them. Some may cause you to chuckle, or […]

A food pyramid that shows fruits and vegtables at the base, grains above that, followed by pulses, milk products, non veg products, and finally, the oils and sugars.

Healthy Eating for a Busy Person

Everyone wants to eat healthy and be fit. But busy people find it more difficult than most to find time for health. Let’s face it, even the ones who do have time, eat things they should not be eating. So what if I told you that you just need to […]