How to Set up Your Home Kitchen

If you want the basics of ‘How to Set up Your Home Kitchen’, look no further!

A kitchen set-up from scratch can be daunting. After all, it is supposed to work with you every time you go in it.

When purchasing a house, my tip is to look at the kitchen and the bathrooms! If they are fine, it’s all good. Rest of the house can be moulded anyway!

This kitchen ‘set up’ step is critical and chaotic, with a lot of decision making. It’s the same case if you are renovating the space.

Holding up a frame made with fingers to imagine the kitchen plan
Here or there? Up or down? What about the corners? 😵
So here is help for your kitchen decisions!

But it’s also quite wonderful how things click into place by and by. And soon you have a cosy, organised and effective space to convert mere ingredients into great food.  

Kitchen Set-up in Four Essential Parts

I put together this guide to setting up your home kitchen as many of my young friends, nephews and nieces are setting up their own homes.
I am a person who tells complete strangers what to buy and what not to! So of course, I had to write it down for my website too!

Since this is going to be a comprehensive guide to your kitchen set-up, with the aim of getting your kitchen and pantry work with you, I am splitting it into a four-part series. We will cover one part at a time, and build it up soon.

Kitchens are fascinating, you know. They tell stories about the person in charge of it. And the food cooked there obviously adds to the drama, suspense and sparkle of the story. Of course, the story will change from time to time. This is because it reflects your celebrations and moods, your joys and sorrows.

In the course of this story, your kitchen is either your best friend or the annoying pal—it all depends on the organisation and prioritisation.

In Conclusion:

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and what you do there affects each member of the family directly. Plan your kitchen set-up, so that you find it relaxing, motivating and invigorating whenever you step into the space.

Do let us know in the comments, if we need to cover another area too. We will surely do the needful.


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