Tasty Boondi Sweet looks royal but is easy to make

Boondi Sweet | Meethi Boondi

Boondi Sweet is one of the Indian desserts I have become confident in! It was all thanks to a collaboration on Instagram. You will enjoy it too, I am sure. This became an instant hit there, and also at my house! It is so addictive to pop a spoonful of […]

7 cups Indian Dessert

Convenient and Delicious Dessert: 7 Cups

Choose 7 cups if you want a delicious and easy to serve dessert. Making it in advance will help you a lot, it stays good for 10 days and more if you store it well.

A slice of pie

Pumpkin Pie

A Pumpkin Pie! People I know in India would even fall off their chairs in amazement at the thought of this being made as a dessert. Pumpkin and desserts going together is a relatively new concept here. But trust me, you will relish every morsel of it in desserts. It […]

Healthy pie or tart case is possible

Healthy Pie or Tart Bases

Making a healthy Pie or Tart base has been a game changer in my kitchen. It offers freedom from the addition of the grip of extra calories. No longer necessary to feel anxious about one extra slice! Think about it… one of the high value items in any bakery is […]

MArmalade is ready

Marmalade with Narangi/ Ornamental Oranges

Marmalade! Do you recall where you first heard this term? Well I read this term first in Enid Blyton books when I was a kid. It made me want it so much! With fresh bread! On rolls! With scones! Well would you like to have a jar of delicious marmalade […]

Drizzle of caramel sauce

Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce is a versatile topping for all kinds of desserts. It is the golden brown, glossy, delicious drizzle you see on many an Instagram post! But did you know that you can bottle this glorious goodness and store it in the fridge for yourself? And it tastes miles better […]

A caramel drizzle adds oomph

Make Noida Cheesecake (with Cream Cheese)

Cheesecake is pretty easy to make with cream cheese. You will love it too… it is simply the most delicious dessert, rich and satisfying. Top it with caramel sauce or fresh fruit or cherry compote… and you have a stunner! I looked up a lot of websites before making this […]

Burnt basque cheesecake

Easy Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are indulgent desserts. Just the thought of having cheesecake for dessert can light up every face… you will often find that it is a favourite with both the young and the old. In this post, I am sharing a new kind of this deliciousness that our family is now […]

Eggless Pumpkin millet brownies

Eggless Millet Pumpkin Brownies

If you love chocolate brownies and care about your health, these eggless pumpkin millet brownies are just right for you. Once you see how easy it is to make healthy brownies in microwave oven, you will not want to do it any other way! I do tend to try to […]

coconut ice cream in a bowl

Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut ice cream made at home, with no eggs, no ice cream machine and no hard work! Just a hand mixer or blender will create this beauty for you to devour! Interested? This fresh coconut ice cream recipe is going to make all coconut lovers so happy! I do use a […]