Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut ice cream made at home, with no eggs, no ice cream machine and no hard work! Just a hand mixer or blender will create this beauty for you to devour!

Interested? This fresh coconut ice cream recipe is going to make all coconut lovers so happy!

I do use a lot of coconuts in my cooking. Indeed, we south Indians love the flavour it gives to food of all kinds! So you can see it in work in the bakes with cherries, the gravy and in the side here with gourds too.

But this one has a trick to it! It uses fresh coconuts and also some powdered coconut milk. I was fortunate to find this powder and have been using it in all recipes when I do not have access to fresh coconut for my gravies.

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coconut ice cream in bowl
Coconut ice cream with coconut milk powder and condensed milk

What you are about to make is the best, the most delicious and creamy tender coconut ice cream that comes together with just a few ingredients. It is suitable for people who do not have access to fresh coconuts too… just refer to the notes after the recipe below.

Steps to making the coconut ice cream (with no ice cream machine):

Would you believe that this deliciousness is ready in a few simple steps? A clever use of these ingredients makes it vegan too!

Part 1 (Mixing)

We begin by adding a quarter cup of water to the gelatin to let it soak it up.

Meanwhile,get your tender coconut, cut it open and collect the water. We will need 2 ½ cups of this. You can use two coconuts if needed. You could try this product in case you are not able to find it in your locality.

Then scrape up the tender coconut meat and keep aside. Again, refer to the notes if you don’t have it, for substitute suggestions.

We are also going to use coconut cream made with Maggi coconut powder. You can choose to make your own coconut milk, but I am taking the easier way out! It is making my life so easy and tastes amazing. The exact product is also linked below.

By this time, the gelatin has completely soaked and swollen. Now dissolve it by heating gently in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time on medium power, till it is a thick liquid. 

All you need to do is to add the coconut milk powder, the milk powder, the prepared gelatin and the milkmaid to the coconut water. Stir it. Now use a hand blender and beat until it becomes homogeneous.

For a vegan version, use condensed almond milk and almond milk powder. Also, you can use agar instead. Refer to the notes.

The mixture is now ready to be frozen… just place a cling film at the top leaving no space for air. So you have to cover every bit of the ice cream mixture. Refer to the video to see how this is done.

Video of the easy homemade coconut ice cream recipe

Check the video out and let me know if you have any doubts.

Part 2 ( Freezing and Refreezing)

Cover with lid put it in the freezer. Once the mixture is frozen, bring it out. Remove the cling film.

Now it’s time to beat it…you can use your hand blender too. Since I have my beloved KMix ( Stand mixer from Kenwood) that I use for everything, I use it instead. Refer to notes section if you do not have either.

So, simply take out chunks of the the frozen ice cream mixture. Put it in a large mixing bowl and beat it up completely for 4-5 minutes with your hand mixer.

Or for 5 minutes or with a stand mixer.

Now add one cup of frozen cream… remember, simple cream, not whipped cream. You can also make it vegan by adding frozen coconut cream or almond cream instead.

You can add a bit of blended coconut meat mixture if you wish. That is the part sticking to the coconut shells. But remember to not add too much, as it will make the ice cream hard.

Put the ice cream mixture back into the ice cream moulds. And now freeze once more.

While serving, add bits of tender coconut for added effect. Mixture will be creamy soft and very, very aromatic.

The coconut powder from maggi is absolutely excellent. I use it in many other preparations too. 

For the vegan free version, the almond milk powder is a good substitute to the milk powder.

I don’t know you can stop eating once you start!

Just enjoy!

Coconut Ice Cream

Recipe by Sheetal RabindranCourse: DessertCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Easy


Prep time



Coconut ice cream made irresistible soft and creamy in this recipe that is no churn, eggless and with tender coconuts. Vegan version included.


  • 2 1/2 cups tender coconut water or use packaged

  • 3/4 cup coconut milk powder

  • 1/2 cup milk powder

  • 1 tin milkmaid

  • 1 tbsp gelatin

  • 1 cup fresh cream

  • Scraping from tender coconut


  • Soak gelatin in water. Liquefy it after 10 minutes by heating gently in microwave or 6 inches above the heat from the stove top.
  • Mix the gelatin, coconut milk powder, milk powder and milkmaid in the tender coconut water and blend.
  • Cover with cling film and freeze.
  • Remove cling film, take out chunks of the mixture and beat thoroughly using hand mixer, stand mixer or blender.
  • Add the fresh cream. Beat well.
  • Add 3 tbsp of blended coconut ‘meat’ or the scraping from the tender coconut.
  • Refreeze after placing cling film once more. You can add a few pieces of coconut on top for visual appeal.
  • Serve with chunks of tender coconut meat sprinkled on top.


  • For making the recipe vegan, :1. substitute the condensed milk with condensed sweetened almond milk. 2. Use powdered almond milk (linked above) instead of milk powder. 3. Mix some of this milk powder with water to form a substitute for fresh cream. Alternatively, use some extra coconut milk powder mixed in a little water in place of fresh cream. 4. In placte of gelatin, use agar. Just boil the soaked agar in 1/4 cup water till dissolved.
  • In case you do not have access to tender coconuts, use the ones linked above in the products section. You can add some coconut cream or almond cream (made by mixing the respective powders with some warm water) to form a substitute for the coconut ‘meat’ for serving. Just mix it with a little powdered sugar and chill it before using.
  • In case you do not have a hand mixer or a stand mixer, just use your food processor or the mixer grinder to break up the mixture completely in step

Products used in the recipe and vegan alternatives


Maggi coconut powder:

25 gms :

1 kg: **

Coconut water:

Paper Boat:

Milk Powder:

Condensed milk:

Fresh Cream:

1 litre: or

200 ml:

**(I have been using this for a year now, it is still great and so handy for all dishes, including making coconut milk for curries and even to have with appams!)

Vegan Version

Condensed Almond Milk :

30 second Almond Milk:

Agar powder:


My favourite appliances:

Hand mixer:

Stand Mixer:

Nutriblend Mixer grinder:

OTG (from Morphy Richards):


My favourite kitchen tools:

Set of strainers:

Combination of tools:

Food Cover (Foldable) :

Spoon and clip strainer for frying:

Kitchen tong set:

Tongs with silicon grip handle:

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For those who like something to nibble on, till next time!

This is an interesting set of yummy snacks that I am loving!


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