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Baked PAsta dish in a transparent glass dish coated with tomato sauce and cheese
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How to make healthy pasta with multigrain flour (easy recipe, with paneer and Spinach )


 Multigrain flour pasta with spinach that is served as a pasta. A healthy and tasty pasta, complete with the rich tomato sauce and cheese. I assure you, all will love it! Let’s check out Fusion Cannelloni. A few weeks ago, I created this recipe for an amazing contest by the […]

Meat balls
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The Best Meatballs Recipe (Make-ahead and healthy, with vegetables)


 The best meatballs you can ever make. Juicy and succulent. Not a bit chewy, and very easy to make. And the best part? It has veggies in it and NO one will ever know! Sounds good? It is also going to surprise you with a bunch of extra benefits. This […]

7 cups Indian Dessert
Desserts, Vegetarian

Convenient and Delicious Dessert: 7 Cups


Choose 7 cups if you want a delicious and easy to serve dessert. Making it in advance will help you a lot, it stays good for 10 days and more if you store it well.

MArmalade is ready
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Marmalade with Narangi/ Ornamental Oranges


 Marmalade! Do you recall where you first heard this term? Well I read this term first in Enid Blyton books when I was a kid. It made me want it so much! With fresh bread! On rolls! With scones! Well would you like to have a jar of delicious marmalade […]

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Basil Pesto


 Basil Pesto is simple to make, stores extremely well, and makes your pasta absolutely scrumptious, in no time! This really easy pesto recipe comes together in minutes. How about adding it to pizza as a topping along with your pasta sauce? Yes… It works! And if you want to dab […]

A caramel drizzle adds oomph
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Make Noida Cheesecake (with Cream Cheese)


 Cheesecake is pretty easy to make with cream cheese. You will love it too… it is simply the most delicious dessert, rich and satisfying. Top it with caramel sauce or fresh fruit or cherry compote… and you have a stunner! I looked up a lot of websites before making this […]

Pizza Napoletana Slice
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Pizza Napoletana (Copycat)


 ‘Pizza Napoletana’ is our hot favourite nowadays… Or at least the copycat version! I can’t tell you how often I have seen the perfect-looking pizza napoletana and wondered how they made it. It typically has this thin crust and is beautifully rounded and raised around the edges (called cornicione) It […]

coconut ice cream in a bowl

Coconut Ice Cream


 Coconut ice cream made at home, with no eggs, no ice cream machine and no hard work! Just a hand mixer or blender will create this beauty for you to devour! Interested? This fresh coconut ice cream recipe is going to make all coconut lovers so happy! I do use a […]

Healthy, Sides, With Gravy

Healthy Chicken and Vegetables


 Healthy chicken and vegetables is a welcome addition to any meal. It pairs up wonderfully with all kinds of breads and rice dishes as well. All of us are leading busy lives and often skimp on the exercise. In such a case, it is so important to have meals that […]

VEgetable semiya in a black bowl
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Vegetable Semia (Vermicelli) Upma


 Vegetable Semia Upma is an easy breakfast that looks and tastes amazing. Very nutritious, it is also a great tiffin box idea. Semia or Semiya is nothing but vermicelli and it is a way of replacing the rava or semolina in the traditional upma recipe. Growing up, I recall not […]

chicken tenders are grilled to perfection
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Chicken Tenders


 Chicken tenders are ideal for an amazingly quick meal of grilled chicken with vegetables. This meal is a keto meal that I developed for some loved ones to enjoy. However, since we are a bread loving family, we had it with some bread. It is equally delicious both ways! The […]

Grilled fish
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Grilled Fish


 Grilled fish is a healthy protein dish. In spite of it having a high nutrition quotient, it aces in the taste and appearance department too! In this recipe, I’m also sharing my secret sauce for the marinade. This one can be used for multiple dishes, not just for fish. The […]

Pineapple keasari
Breakfast, Desserts, Snacks, Vegetarian

Pineapple Kesari


 Pineapple Kesari is a delightful combination of semolina and pineapple. Serve it with pride, it is flavoursome and looks amazing! This is my version, where I use fresh (and not tinned) pineapple. The ease with which it comes together is rather unexpected. This Pineapple Kesari (or halwa as people in […]

chicken korma
Recipes, Sides, With Gravy

Easy Chicken Korma


 Chicken Korma is a hearty, delicious and crowd-pleasing gravy. It is one of the evergreen favourites. I make chicken korma in different ways. There is another one that I make without coconuts, and that is a hit too. And I do love the Tandoori chicken too. But I liked this […]

cherry frangipane ready to be decorated

Cherry Frangipane


 Cherry frangipane is my go to way of using cherries in a scrumptious dessert. It looks gorgeous, uses up cherries in a delicious way and can satisfy and delight any one looking for an unusual sweet treat. But make no mistake, I have tweaked it till it is a healthy, […]

A small serving of mango mousse in a glass dish, decorated with fresh cream and mango pieces

Mango Mousse


 This Mango mousse recipe has got to be the easiest one you’ve ever heard of. It’s so light and natural that I happily serve it to the family, because I know that there are no harmful calories in it. For this recipe, you can choose any kind of mangoes available […]

PODI written with ingredients
Basics, Dry Side Dishes, Vegetarian

Idli Podi | Gunpowder!


 Idli Podi is full of flavour and rich aromas, especially if made in this special version. Some call it “gunpowder” because it is fiery and spicy. The advantage when you make it at home is that you can adjust the powder according to your likes and taste. This one has […]

Tandoori chicken is placed in a platter with a lot of greens and other vegetables
Dry Side Dishes, Recipes, Sides, Snacks

Tandoori Chicken


 Tandoori Chicken hold a special place in my heart. It is linked to one of my favourite uncles and the food memories that cling on to us though life moves on. ⁠ When we lived in Mumbai, this uncle visited and stayed with us now and then. He enjoyed my […]

The vegetable is dispalyed in a pretty bowl with a napkin on one side
Dry Side Dishes, Vegetarian

Karela Mazedaar


 Karela or bitter gourd used to be a dish I ran from when I was a kid. Who am I kidding? Even for half my adult life! (Some also call them Bitter Melons. It’s called paagakaai in Tamil.) And then I mastered the vegetable! I can now confidently serve varieties […]

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Gnocchi ⁠— My Way!


 So what is Gnochhi? Believe me, when I first made Gnochhi, I had no clue that it is going to be a super hit. I made it for a lark, as a make-ahead breakfast, inspired by a very old cookbook gifted at my wedding, called Virtue’s Colourful Cooking. You can […]

A blue oval shaped bowl with creamy orange carrot soup
Soups, Vegetarian

Carrot Soup


 Carrot soup is gorgeously satisfying. You will find it creamy, tasty and it’s so, so good for health. The story behind this is so interesting! I had been on a recipe developing spree. My aim was to focus on raw, fresh turmeric. After the most obvious choice, mango smoothie, (which […]

Platter full of noodles, garnished with cherry tomatoes, herbs and chilli flakes
Mains, Vegetarian

Paneer Steak Noodles


 Paneer Steak Noodles is perfect for times when you need an all-in-one dish that has to look spectacular and yet take only minutes to prepare. All you need to do is to get the ingredients sorted, and the dish is almost ready!

A bowl of the Quinoa Chaat mixed up fpr use
Breakfast, Salads, Snacks, Vegetarian

Quinoa Chaat


 Quinoa Chaat is a way to use the extremely healthy quinoa in a healthy Indian avataar! Quinoa is power-packed and there are numerous health benefits to including it in our meals. This is great as a healthy snack. Have it as a filling brunch. This recipe is ready in minutes […]

The talle mugs with the mango smoothie have been arranged on the table
Beverages, Vegetarian

Mango Smoothie


 Mango Smoothie is a quick, delicious and a gorgeous drink to have in the summer. Absorb the health benefits of mangoes, curd (yoghurt) and milk with an added bonus because of the addition of the extremely healthy raw turmeric. Steps to the Mango Smoothie Choose ripe mangoes that are firm […]

A pile of the Nutri Surprise pieces arranged on a table
Breakfast, Snacks

Nutri Surprise Cake


 Nutri Surprise Cake is a recipe I invented one casual evening when I wanted to play around with the seeds I had in my kitchen. It is soft, with the satisfaction of nuts and dry fruits in every bite. This cake is absolutely bursting with flavour and healthy ingredients! Everyone […]

The bottle of the vinaigrette is places on the table with its ingredients around it.
Basics, Vegetarian

My Vinaigrette (Salad Dressing)


 My Vinaigrette is a salad dressing that I fall back on whenever I need to impress. It has been moulded to my liking, and does not strictly follow the rules of a classic vinaigrette. A bottle of this wonder adorns my fridge door permanently, so that I can toss up […]

A spoonful of the pasta sauce is being taken out of the box.
Basics, Vegetarian

Pasta/Pizza Sauce


 I’m sharing my favourite flavour-rich pasta sauce today. This Pasta/Pizza Sauce is my go-to solution if I have less time in the mornings, or if unexpected guests pop up. When this sauce is there in the fridge, I just have to fry a few slices of vegetables while I cook […]

The prepared Bhindi Masala is placed in a oval dish
Dry Side Dishes, Vegetarian

Spicy Bhindi Masala


 Spicy Bhindi Masala is ladyfinger/okra in a dry form. It is a vegetarian side, slightly different from the usual bhindi preparations. It will remind you of pakoras. But without the oily feel. It is similar to the stuffed bhindi version. But without the hassle of it. Ready in 20 minutes! […]

Assembling the salad, with all ingredients around it.
Salads, Snacks, Vegetarian

Bean Sprouts Salad


 Bean sprouts salad has amazing textures and is slathered in creamy and flavour-rich curd dressing. It is ideal for days when you want to feel really good about yourself and the food you eat. You know, you can wear a halo that says, “I care for myself. I eat right.” […]

A pretty serving dish of palak paneer is kept on the table
Vegetarian, With Gravy

Palak Paneer


 Palak Paneer is a beloved Indian side, made up of spinach, with glorious chunks of the Indian cottage cheese. It is a great favourite at our home. Green vegetables are good for us, but spinach has extra benefits. This is because it is loaded with vitamins and building blocks to […]

A close view of the colourful breakfast treat
Breakfast, Vegetarian

Celebration Breakfast


 ‘Celebration Breakfast’ is a hearty, scrumptious and easy-to-make indulgence. You can tweak it to make it with ingredients available around the house. Once in a while, you get an opportunity to call for a celebration. And you want to have something really yummy for breakfast. Without worrying about making it […]

mango panna concentrate mixed with water and served in a pretty glass
Beverages, Vegetarian

Mango Panna Concentrate


 I realised the true worth of Mango Panna (pronounced as pun-na) only after shifting to North India. During the summer season here, I faced a time of intense heat. There’s a dry, hot wind blowing across. Heat strokes are common, but can be prevented by means of some traditional drinks. […]

Chcoclate Cheesecake is placed on a white stand

Chocolate Cheesecake


 A Chocolate Cheesecake that is delicious is possible. But a Chocolate Cheesecake that is delicious, easy-to-make, made within 40 minutes and healthier than any other cheesecake? That sounds rather impossible, doesn’t it? Allow me to prove my statement with this irresistible recipe. This is an egg-less recipe, that doesn’t involve […]

Cucumber and melons blended to get a refreshing drink
Beverages, Vegetarian

Melon and Cucumber Cooler


 A refreshing glass of this Melon and Cucumber Cooler is made in a jiffy and has too many plus points to list them here. These wonderful fruits are available in the summer for a reason…and that reason is that they should be eaten! Or in this case, drunk, as a […]

Rich tomato sauce
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Need an Easy, Thick and Rich Tomato Sauce for Pasta? Try this one!


 Yes, you absolutely need this tomato sauce for your pasta! You may have made the pasta yourself. Or you may be using store bought ones. But your success depends on the other ingredients that surround the pasta. If you have never tried making homemade pasta before, you must check this […]

Healthy, Sides, Vegetarian

Gut Health with Pickled Vegetables


 Gut health is extremely important. You feed the body with gut healthy promoting foods, your body fights more germs successfully! And for the skeptics, perhaps this article by Harvard Medical School will help! Yup…We really need to nourish our gut with gut-friendly foods. Traditionally, we do include gut-health-promoting foods in […]

Stages of a Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Recipes for Every Season!


 These pumpkin recipes will surprise you, delight you and satiate you 🤩 These are just a sample of what is possible when you have a pumpkin in your hand! Prepare to be surprised! I like pumpkins because they are available (at least in NOIDA where I live) through the year. […]

A slice of pie
Desserts, Healthy, Recipes, Snacks, Vegetarian

Pumpkin Pie


 A Pumpkin Pie! People I know in India would even fall off their chairs in amazement at the thought of this being made as a dessert. Pumpkin and desserts going together is a relatively new concept here. But trust me, you will relish every morsel of it in desserts. It […]

Healthy pie or tart case is possible
Desserts, Healthy, Recipes

Healthy Pie or Tart Bases


 Making a healthy Pie or Tart base has been a game changer in my kitchen. It offers freedom from the addition of the grip of extra calories. No longer necessary to feel anxious about one extra slice! Think about it… one of the high value items in any bakery is […]