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MArmalade is ready
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Marmalade with Narangi/ Ornamental Oranges


 Marmalade! Do you recall where you first heard this term? Well I read this term first in Enid Blyton books when I was a kid. It made me want it so much! With fresh bread! On rolls! With scones! Well would you like to have a jar of delicious marmalade […]

Spread this tasty homemade jam
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Jamun Jam


 Did you know it is so easy to make jamun jam? I’m going to show how, so you can start to feel like a star in your kitchen! Who doesn’t like to see rows of bright colours in the kitchen in glass jars, waiting to be eaten with some fresh […]

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Basil Pesto


 Basil Pesto is simple to make, stores extremely well, and makes your pasta absolutely scrumptious, in no time! This really easy pesto recipe comes together in minutes. How about adding it to pizza as a topping along with your pasta sauce? Yes… It works! And if you want to dab […]

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Aloo Chaat


 Any Indian who has eaten Aloo chaat (potato chaat) in Delhi would swear by it’s taste. Unfortunately we now are in a phase where roadside food is a big “no no”, thanks to Covid 19. But wait…Hungry? Just find a couple of boiled potatoes and you can soon create the […]

Fruit Chaat
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Fruit Chaat


 Can you resist Fruit Chaat? This comforting bowlful is something I love and enjoy on many occasions when we have fruit in abundance. Try making it a salad and chaat centric meal one day… you will enjoy it! Well I cannot resist any type of chaat! It is gathering interest […]

Dry Side Dishes, Recipes, Salads, Sides, Snacks, Vegetarian

Quick and Easy Protein-rich Chickpea Salad (Kabuli Channa Salad)


 A bowlful of chickpea salad or Kabuli Channa salad is just what you need on many occasions… when a sudden hunger pang strikes. Or when you need a quick and easy high protein and high fibre side on your dining table. Pair it with a soup such as this gazpacho […]

Drizzle of caramel sauce
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Caramel Sauce


 Caramel Sauce is a versatile topping for all kinds of desserts. It is the golden brown, glossy, delicious drizzle you see on many an Instagram post! But did you know that you can bottle this glorious goodness and store it in the fridge for yourself? And it tastes miles better […]

A caramel drizzle adds oomph
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Make Noida Cheesecake (with Cream Cheese)


 Cheesecake is pretty easy to make with cream cheese. You will love it too… it is simply the most delicious dessert, rich and satisfying. Top it with caramel sauce or fresh fruit or cherry compote… and you have a stunner! I looked up a lot of websites before making this […]

Pizza Napoletana Slice
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Pizza Napoletana (Copycat)


 ‘Pizza Napoletana’ is our hot favourite nowadays… Or at least the copycat version! I can’t tell you how often I have seen the perfect-looking pizza napoletana and wondered how they made it. It typically has this thin crust and is beautifully rounded and raised around the edges (called cornicione) It […]


We survived COVID-19


 Yes, among thousands of fellow Covid survivors, our family too went through the drill and survived. Nothing remarkable we may think. But we need to talk about and record the happenings of this part of a pandemic. A time that started from a space where we had only heard of […]