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A bowl of the Quinoa Chaat mixed up fpr use
Breakfast, Salads, Snacks, Vegetarian

Quinoa Chaat


 Quinoa Chaat is a way to use the extremely healthy quinoa in a healthy Indian avataar! Quinoa is power-packed and there are numerous health benefits to including it in our meals. This is great as a healthy snack. Have it as a filling brunch. This recipe is ready in minutes […]


Part 2: List of Appliances you Need in the Home Kitchen


 This list of appliances in the kitchen has been put together for people wondering what would be the required in the kitchen, especially when shifting into a new home. It will be updated with newer gadgets that appear from time to time in the Indian market. So having already seen […]

Holding up a frame made with fingers to imagine the kitchen plan

How to Set up Your Home Kitchen


 If you want the basics of ‘How to Set up Your Home Kitchen’, look no further! A kitchen set-up from scratch can be daunting. After all, it is supposed to work with you every time you go in it. When purchasing a house, my tip is to look at the […]

The talle mugs with the mango smoothie have been arranged on the table
Beverages, Vegetarian

Mango Smoothie


 Mango Smoothie is a quick, delicious and a gorgeous drink to have in the summer. Absorb the health benefits of mangoes, curd (yoghurt) and milk with an added bonus because of the addition of the extremely healthy raw turmeric. Steps to the Mango Smoothie Choose ripe mangoes that are firm […]

Gazpacho soup served in a a bowl with diced vegetables and bread croutons on the side
Soups, Vegetarian

Gazpacho Soup


 Gazpacho Soup is a beautiful, light and an unusual soup for the Indian palate. It is served cold. The soup is extra special as you can very easily personalise it to suit your taste. Make it a part of your summer menu to get its health benefits. I like to […]

Two pieces of friend fish on a white tray, with a salad
Dry Side Dishes

Fish Fry


 Fish fry is the one of the most popular ways of eating fish in the Southern part of India. The fresher the fish, the better the taste will be. It can be done in just minutes, and makes for a very striking dish on the table. People living near the […]

A pile of the Nutri Surprise pieces arranged on a table
Breakfast, Snacks

Nutri Surprise Cake


 Nutri Surprise Cake is a recipe I invented one casual evening when I wanted to play around with the seeds I had in my kitchen. It is soft, with the satisfaction of nuts and dry fruits in every bite. This cake is absolutely bursting with flavour and healthy ingredients! Everyone […]

An oval white bowl with the corn pulao in it, arranged with some curd and cucumber next to it.
Mains, Vegetarian

Sweet Corn Pulao


 Sweet Corn Pulao is a quick-to-make main course. Rice is the main ingredient in it, and its selection of vegetables includes sweet corn niblets and baby corn. Pulao is a popular and easy main dish. It is ready in minutes and there are literally hundreds of combinations you can try […]

Cauliflower with eggs is served on the table and it is alos being eaten from a plate
Dry Side Dishes

Cauliflower with Egg


 Cauliflower with eggs is a very quick recipe, ready in literally 20 minutes. I complete it with a generous sprinkling of spring onions and/or coriander leaves. Just five ingredients and a few spices make this a power-packed side to adorn your table! Steps to the Cauliflower with Eggs Buy white, […]

A copper bowl with the green chutney, garnished with a chilli and coriander leaf
Basics, Vegetarian

Green Chutney


 Green Chutney is a welcome addition to almost all meals. It also complements all fried foods, Indian chaat and tandoori preparations. The heat of the chilli in this recipe goes well with the sweet and tangy flavour of the dates chutney. You will often find them side-by-side in various Indian […]