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Fish, Mains, With Gravy

Fish Molee


 Fish Molee is a delightful Indian fish curry. Very light and pleasant, it is a great way to include fish protein in you meal without the overwhelming flavour of the more traditional curry, the meen kozhambu. And you will also love it because the best part of this version is […]

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Spiced Buttermilk


 Spiced buttermilk in tall glasses! Refreshing and cooling you to the core… does that sound inviting? Well it is certainly the best thing you can have at this time of the year… especially if you live an a place that turns blisteringly hot. Beat the Heat with Spiced Buttermilk! Yes, […]


Egg Toast Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Surprise


 Making this egg toast sandwich toast is such a satisfying experience for me. Probably because it is such an easy way to surprise and delight people with this breakfast! Or as a picnic meal! In a mood to give someone special a nice breakfast? Well this easy breakfast surprise will […]

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Spicy Tomato Chutney


 1 tbsp sesame oil ½ tsp mustard seeds Few curry leaves 1 tsp urad daal (you can add more if you wish) ½ dry red chilli (If you want it to be spicy, add an entire red chilli) 1 onion chopped  ½ tsp salt 4 tomatoes, chopped 2 tbsp roasted […]

coconut ice cream in a bowl

Coconut Ice Cream


 Coconut ice cream made at home, with no eggs, no ice cream machine and no hard work! Just a hand mixer or blender will create this beauty for you to devour! Interested? This fresh coconut ice cream recipe is going to make all coconut lovers so happy! I do use a […]

pretty bowl with the mustard greens in it
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How to cook mustard greens in Indian style


 Mustard greens are available in North India during the Indian winters. Lush fields with these seasonal vegetable dot the landscape and everyone starts dreaming of the traditional ‘sarson da saag‘. Indeed, it is the must-have dish in north india during winters. If you are ever in this region after November, […]

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Paneer Bhurji


 Paneer bhurji is the easiest way to get a delicious side dish ready in minutes. Do you know that bhurji is a term in Hindi, that denotes “scrambled”. So “anda bhurji means scrambled eggs. Do you also get this happy feeling of delight when you hear this term? In addition, […]

Egg fry on parchment paper

Frying Eggs on Parchment Paper


 Frying eggs on parchment paper has indeed been a game changer for my kitchen. Do you also belong to the category of people who love eggs but not it’s smell? Why should a perfectly versatile and delightful product have such an unpleasant smell on our pans and sinks? We’ll probably […]

Close up of chicken cutlets
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Chicken Cutlets | Tasty Patty for Burgers


 Chicken cutlets are a family favourite. Serve them any time… you will always have takers. Chicken cutlets with rice, rasam and papad is my ultimate comfort food! Use them in burgers. Or with pulao. Or serve them as a starter in a party! As a snack after exercise! It’s just […]