Frying Eggs on Parchment Paper

Frying eggs on parchment paper has indeed been a game changer for my kitchen.

pepper sprinkled on egg on a parchment paper
Frying eggs on parchment paper has been a game changer!

Do you also belong to the category of people who love eggs but not it’s smell? Why should a perfectly versatile and delightful product have such an unpleasant smell on our pans and sinks? We’ll probably never know the answer to that!

But then Oddy Uniwraps sent me their products with a pamphlet. If you want to check it out, click Oddy uniwraps to see all their available products.

Earlier I used the paper only to bake with. It was amazing to find its other uses… including…. yes, it can also be used to banish the egg smells forever from our lives! You can also use it for baking of course! Try out the pumpkin cake and the nutri surprise cake for some healthy yum!

Made a video on this…check it out here.

Frying eggs on parchment paper is easy.

Just tear off a strip, put it on your pan. Add a dab of oil…you can cook it with no oil too.

Crack the egg and right there you have it beautifully frying on the pan. Add salt and pepper and it’s done!

On the same paper, being a thrifty person, I tried another egg, this time turning it over.

Then moved the paper and tried the third… this time scrambled! Just one sheet… 3 eggs!

What’s more, move it away and the pan is clean! No smell, no cleanup… it’s also economical, reusable, eco-friendly, does not affect the taste and biodegradable !

This parchment paper Oddy uniwraps is wonderful.

Many new experiments are happening and you will see them all soon!


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So check it out friends, and enjoy your eggs with no regrets!


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