Pumpkin Recipes for Every Season!

These pumpkin recipes will surprise you, delight you and satiate you 🤩 These are just a sample of what is possible when you have a pumpkin in your hand!

Prepare to be surprised!

I like pumpkins because they are available (at least in NOIDA where I live) through the year. And always reasonably priced! And best is that it is good for health! Such an ideal ingredient! So, these are a bunch of new pumpkin recipes for you to enjoy.

Roasting a pumpkin for some amazing recipes!

High in nutrition, low in calories. Great for weight watchers. And yes, it’s a great source of vitamins. Also full of cancer fighting antioxidants. Read up all about it here… it will surely make you a pumpkin fan! And if it does not, these recipes will!

So… here are my favourite Pumpkin Recipes

Each of these have the healthier alternative. So maida is out and other ingredients that make it healthy is in!

Check these pumpkin recipes out… and take pictures when you try them at your home. Tag me on Instagram… I update all my food experiments there! See you on my stories soon!

And so, if you get your hands upon a nice pumpkin, make it nicer! Here goes…


Well my prime pick among the pumpkin recipes is the PUMPKIN PIE. Simple to make if you have some whipping cream, this recipe also features a very healthy base made with millets and oats.

Pumpkin Pie ready to be topped with whipped cream
The Pumpkin Pie before it is topped with whipped cream… also yum!

The best part of this recipe is that it can be made in parts so that on the day of the actual baking, things become very easy.

I love using these methods to fit in the making of good and tasty food in my busy schedule.


Now these babies are so healthy that you can eat them for breakfast! Pumpkin Muffins will make you wonder at the soft and cosy feeling it gives you. It absolutely fills you with thankfulness as the whole house starts smelling of the aroma of the fresh bake.

Pumpkin cake decorated with glace icing, salted caramel and coconut flakes
Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins

In addition to the pumpkin, it has whole wheat and brown sugar. Believe me, this recipe works and yes, you can also substitute the pumpkin for apples in case you want a change of the taste. Both are amazing.

During my bake sales, there is always a group of amazed people who come back for more of these cakes! I bake them in larger cakes and slice them up too. Drizzled with caramel sauce and glace icing, this one does look spectacular. It is a keeper among pumpkin recipes!


If you want to have a chance to enjoy a triple layered succulent dessert that is amazingly healthy, go for this awesome pumpkin brownie recipe. This recipe is also eggless.

Eggless Pumpkin millet brownies
Pumpkin Brownie… so healthy! AND TASTY!!

Do you want to know the added advantage of this recipe? Well, it is made in the microwave!

This means that your recipe is ready in no time!

Chill and have with a scoop of your favourite ice cream to just heighten the experience. Take it along for a great snack that will be the envy of all the people around you!


Can this be any healthier? If you spot cherries in the market, just grab them and make this cake! And you will thank me for getting the rave reviews! Make the cherry compote to go with it and you’ll be in heaven!

A visual of the cherry cake with frosting
Frost the cherry cake to make it worth its weight in gold!

The Cherry cake is satisfying as it contains millets and makes you really happy that the family can have such a healthy treat. The cake will still be delicious and don’t be surprised if there is a demand for this cake.

The pumpkin is the added bonus and sure enough, adds to the flavour without irritating anybody. In fact, they don’t have to know!

Cute cupcakes
These cupcakes can melt any heart!

As the famous TikTok Video goes… how will they know? It is so good that they will really not have an inkling that it is healthy!

Let us not forget the everyday pumpkin recipes!

Just because I use them all the time in desserts does not mean I don’t also use them as a vegetable! This amazing recipe for sweet and sour pumpkin will leave you asking for more!

Sweet n sour pumpkin served with rice and parathas (flat Indian bread)
Ready to dig in!

This vegetable is a great favourite and tastes great with Indian food. However, it can be also served with Western roasts and grilled food as a side. Versatile, huh?

Which one are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments!


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