A pretty copper bowl full of Mutton Biryani served with Onion Raita

Mutton Biryani

This recipe for Mutton Biryani is simple, quick, tastes great and looks amazing. It is the South Indian kind of Biryani, popular in Tamil households especially during festivals. I recently made this for Easter and as usual, it was welcomed. The best part is that it tastes even better on […]

homemade paneer

How to Make Paneer at Home

Make paneer at home easily using this method. The video shown below also gives a demonstration of this process. You will soon have healthy, lean protein. The best part is that even pregnant women and toddlers can eat it safely, even if it is not cooked. Kids love it as […]

Crisp, freshly fried florets of caulflower are being eaten up with a fork

Golden Fried Cauliflower

Golden fried cauliflower is easy, quick and packs in great taste. Whenever we get hold of a fresh cauliflower, my family hopes I am going to turn it into the Golden Fried variety. Though we enjoy this versatile vegetable in many other forms, this one with its golden brown crunch […]