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Hello there! If you’re one of the super-busy, yet health-conscious people, who prefers homemade food—look no further!

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I’m Sheetal Rabindran and at Kitchen Rings, I am putting together kitchen tips, techniques and strategies for people with hectic schedules and demanding lifestyles to make tasty, quick and healthy homemade meals.

Why Kitchen Rings?

The aim is to satisfy your adventurous spirit that wants variety in food and also make healthy food.

You will find what you need to set up in your kitchen, so it works with you. It also gives you the dos and don’ts you need to remember in your kitchen.

You can select from the variety of easy and never-fail recipes. Daily meals and picnic meals. You will find what to eat if you are unwell, and when you are travelling. When guests pop in and when you have to take something for potluck.

And when you want to celebrate and enjoy with a more elaborate preparation, Kitchen Rings is there more than ever for you. This is when you follow the steps in the #prep+cook series, where you prepare a part in advance, and hence adjust to your time limitations.

‘Busy Times’ are Not ‘No Cooking Times’

Lady with long list of To-Do Items
Can the To-Do List get any longer?!!

I know exactly what you are going through because I have gone through the drill myself. Read ‘years of juggling cooking with toddlers plus career plus social life plus hobbies plus sicknesses plus outings plus journeys plus a family that wants variety from the kitchen!’

I had faced the great temptation of pushing the ‘cooking’ task to the ‘low priority’ category in the daily rush. I wish I knew then what I do now! It would have saved so much effort and time. But the one thing I always did believe in is that

“Thoughtfully cooked food nourishes you in a uniquely satisfying way”. It may sound cheesy, but hey, I like my advice how I like my pizza! 🧀🍕🙋‍♀️

❤ Sheetal

What’s in Kitchen Rings for you?

Making the right choices in many details of life is important, but the basic one is to make the right food choices. Taking off from there, you’ll find four categories here. Gradually all the posts will be uploaded.

1. Key Information about Your Kitchen and Food

To get on the path to good eating, you do require some tools of the trade. My wish is that soon you will be on your own journey, gradually customising everything according to your taste and requirements. You may like to check these out as a start.

  1. The all-inclusive guide to set up a kitchen
  2. How to Make Paneer at Home (Low fat version)
  3. Is Your Fridge Ready for National Television? (5 Steps to a Totally Clean Fridge)

2. Assessment of Your Food Choices

A cut up tomato and fresh green peas
Choose health and feel fit

How do you know if you are eating well? Is there a way of evaluating where you stand on a daily or a monthly basis?

You may be aware of what you eat, but it is necessary to put a figure to it. Quantification always sets things in perspective and helps to take the right remedies.

If you are on this path to reckon with and track your food choices, you may find these posts useful:

  1. Healthy Eating for a Busy Person
  2. Three tips for healthy eating
  3. The KR Scale (with free downloads)

3. Kitchen Tips for the Super Busy

There are a number of things you can do to make life easy in the kitchen. Some of these include how you strategise your time by being prepared. Some include getting rid of time wasters so that you extract the most out of the kitchen time. Find them all here!

  1. Kitchen Tips for Busy People
  2. 5 pastes a busy person must have in the Indian kitchen
  3. 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Kitchen

4. Recipes for the Super Busy

You can decide whether you want to fix a simple meal such as this cauliflower dish or this pumpkin with your mains, or go more elaborate like this biryani, but it will all be an assured success in terms of flavour and taste. So go on, treat yourself with good food and love!

  1. Golden Fried Cauliflower
  2. 5 breakfast dishes that take less than half an hour (or less!)
  3. Stock up on vitamins with salads

Welcome on Board!

If you are geared towards eating well, Good Luck and Welcome!

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Cheers to a new relationship and happy eating.