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potatoes being fried as they are stirred genty
Dry Side Dishes, Vegetarian

Spicy Baby Potatoes


 There is something alluring about this spicy side dish with baby potatoes that makes it a hit every time. There are recipes galore for potatoes, but this is the one that stands out in the menu of the day. You’ll need parboiled baby potatoes, oil/ghee and a lovely spice mixture […]

Cucumber and melons blended to get a refreshing drink
Beverages, Vegetarian

Melon and Cucumber Cooler


 A refreshing glass of this Melon and Cucumber Cooler is made in a jiffy and has too many plus points to list them here. These wonderful fruits are available in the summer for a reason…and that reason is that they should be eaten! Or in this case, drunk, as a […]

Gravy served in a green dish, with some roties/phulkas
Sides, Vegetarian, With Gravy

Paneer Gravy


 Today I am sharing my chunky version of the paneer gravy that looks different from the super smooth Shahi Paneer and the rich Kadhai Paneer. This gravy contains fresh coconut, which gives it a refreshing taste that is ideal for these hot summer months. Paneer is easy to make at […]

The picture tells the story of how the pumpkin case was made. An assorted variety of shapes are seen
Breakfast, Snacks

Wholewheat Pumpkin Muffins


 These muffins are so good that no one will guess that they are made of wholewheat (atta) or even they have pumpkin in them! This is a great way of getting this vitamin-A rich vegetable into your diet. I use this recipe as a make-ahead breakfast for those extra busy […]

A pretty copper bowl full of Mutton Biryani served with Onion Raita

Mutton Biryani


 This recipe for Mutton Biryani is simple, quick, tastes great and looks amazing. It is the South Indian kind of Biryani, popular in Tamil households especially during festivals. I recently made this for Easter and as usual, it was welcomed. The best part is that it tastes even better on […]

homemade paneer
Basics, Vegetarian

How to Make Paneer at Home


 Make paneer at home easily using this method. The video shown below also gives a demonstration of this process. You will soon have healthy, lean protein. The best part is that even pregnant women and toddlers can eat it safely, even if it is not cooked. Kids love it as […]

A busy scene with wife on the computer, eating cereal while talking to her daughter, a toddler at her feet, and the husband talking on the phone as he is mixing something in a bowl

Kitchen Tips for Busy People


 Over the years of cooking at home, I have developed short cuts and kitchen tips to save time and effort while cooking. It has helped to bring homemade dishes to the table even in the busy times! 😊 I would like these kitchen tips to help you too! Hacks to […]

Digital art showing a lady collecting the washed clothes from the line, vaguely wondering why she can smell something burning, while the smoke is coming from her kitchen

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Kitchen


 Bloopers in the kitchen? Kitchen mistakes? Who, me? Who am I kidding? The number of times I’ve had a moment worthy of a blooper reel is embarrassing! Well, read on, because I am putting them all down, so that you can avoid them. Some may cause you to chuckle, or […]